ICynene classic Ultra 


With excellent cohesion, green guard gold certification, and an R value of 3.7 per 1", Icynene Classic Ultra is the latest open cell innovation from Icynene-Lapolla. Discover the performance benefits below.


  • Core Density: 0.5 lb/ft3
  • R-Value: R 3.7 per 1"
  • Up to 30% improved cohesion than Icynene Classic Max Select
  • Can be sprayed in a wide temperature range for applications, making it suitable for any climate
  • Start spraying with drum temperatures as low as 70°F
  • Ignition-barrier free material for residential unvented attic applications
  • Not considered a food source for pests
  • Cost competitive product that delivers on insulating and air sealing performance year round
  • Between Roof Rafters

  • Between interior/exterior wall studs (wood or metal)

  • Between Floor Framing

  • Between Crawl Space Framing

ICynene classic plus


High R-Value open-cell spray foam

Icynene Classic Plus is a high R-value open-cell spray foam that achieves R-22 in 2x6 wall assemblies. Suited for use in residential interior applications, the superior performance of Icynene Classic Plus is ideal for builders in areas requiring a higher R-value to meet the latest building codes.

Key Product features

  • Aged thermal resistance: 4 per inch
  • Construction types: I - VB
  • Core density: 0.7lb.
  • Air impermeable
  • Superior sound control
  • Class III vapor retarder at 4.25 inches
  • Soft, flexible composition maintains an air seal even after seasonal expansion/contraction of building assembly


Spray Foam Applications

ICC - ES Evaluation Report 

ESR -1826


Classic Ultra & Classic Plus​​

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